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GPXSee is a Qt-based GPS log file viewer and analyzer that supports GPX, TCX, KML, FIT, IGC and NMEA files.

Key features


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Map sources

Online maps

Map (tiles) source URLs are read on program startup from the following file:


Where $APP_DIR is GPXSee on Windows and .gpxsee on UNIX.

The file format is one map entry per line, consisting of the map name and tiles URL delimited by a TAB character. The tile X and Y coordinates are replaced with $x and $y in the URL and the zoom level is replaced with $z. An example map file could look like:


Offline maps

Offline maps are loaded on program startup from the following directory:


The expected structure is one map/atlas in a separate subdirectory. Supported map formats are OziExplorer maps and tiled TrekBuddy maps/atlases (tared and non-tared).

POI files

POI files in all of the supported formats with waypoints capability (GPX, KML, TCX, NMEA and "Garmin CSV"*) are supported by GPXSee. GPXSee renders only POIs reasonable near the GPX track(s). For example for the "multiple-tracks" screenshot, a POI file with all towns in Czech Republic and a POI file wit all Prague districts were used.

To make GPXSee load a POI file automatically on startup, you can add the file to the following directory:


* "Garmin CSV" is a simple CSV file, where the column order is: latitude, longitude, label and the delimiter is the comma (",") character.


Current version: 4.7 (changelog)


GPXSee has a project page at Github. For feature requests/bug reports please use the issue tracker.